The Midco Aquatic Center will offer a spring session of swimming lessons beginning March 19 and running to April 21, 2018. Registration opens at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, March 6.

“This is a great climate controlled environment for a person to learn to swim and not be concerned with weather conditions or cool temperatures,” says Jean Pearson, Recreation Program Coordinator.

She also adds, “Learning to swim improves stamina, balance, posture, strength, and flexibility, as well as confidence in or around the water. Mastering this skill at a young age can benefit you throughout your life.”

To register online, you will need to have an active account with the online registration system. Register or create a new account.

Online registration will be open from 6:00 PM on Tuesday, March 6, through 6:00 PM. on Tuesday, March 13.

In-person registration will be available at the Midco Aquatic Center, located at 1601 South Western Avenue, for those individuals who need to pay with cash, check, or do not have access to a computer.

Swimming lessons will be available for all ages and abilities. For more information regarding swimming lessons and other program offerings at the Midco Aquatic Center, call 367-POOL (7665).

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