Finally. Spring has sprung!

It seems like winter lasted forever, didn't it? The cold. The snow. And then the more cold. Well, that's in the rear view mirror now.

There's so many things to love about spring, but maybe one of the things not on the top of your list is the annual house spring cleaning. After being cooped up all winter, it's time to make the 'ol homestead shine.

But there are things to be careful about when you're putting a sparkle to the hacienda.

According to Readers Digest (by the way, I still love Readers Digest all these years later) there's a bunch of things we do to spruce up the place that could actually make us and our families sick. And by 'a bunch', I mean 15.

The folks at RD, list things like stirring up dust, fragranced cleaners, and not airing out the house enough. A couple others I noticed were using too harsh cleaners, particularly on the toilet bowl. I know, I know, it IS the toilet bowl, but they warn about cleaners being too abrasive.

But the one that really stuck out to me was when I read:

Never mix cleaners with chlorine bleach and those with ammonia together. “Mixing bleach and ammonia can lead to the formation of chloramine vapor, which is toxic if inhaled,”

I hate that word, toxic.

You can read their 15 spring cleaning mistakes here. And while you're being safe, sweating and getting that home place spic and span, remember: It's finally spring!

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