You're proud of the home you keep. And rightly so. You spend a lot of time making sure things are bright and shiny. See that window sill over there? Clean as a whip. Go ahead, run your finger over it.

But there are things you touch over and over and over. And so do other people in your house.

Or maybe it's a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'. You never look at it so you forget all about it.

Either way, there are dirty, dusty germy places that live with you that need a good cleaning from time-to-time. Now, all 10 may not apply to you. You might see a few and go 'Oh, I got that covered, I clean that'. But there's also probably a few that will make you go 'Oh...yeah'.

10 Filthy Things In Your Home You Should Clean Often And Don't

There are probably a lot more little places and things you have thought about but these 10 should get you started. So when spring cleaning time beckons, don't forget the little places, the little things.

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