Tastes vary from state to state. People are different in different places. This is true for desserts as much as anything else. But some states should really up their game, especially Minnesota and Texas.

Coventry Direct did a study of Google search data over the last year in all fifty states and Washington D.C. to see what everyone's favorite dessert is. Overall the most popular dessert was ice cream. That was the favorite in five states.

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The second most popular dessert by state is really a head-scratcher. Jello tied for second with four states. Jello is fine. Who doesn't like Jello? But who would choose Jello over ice cream, brownies, Texas sheet cake (which is really just a fatter brownie), chocolate chip cookies, or funnel cake? Apparently people in Minnesota, that's who. Jello was the favorite in the 10k lake state while they shun things much richer and sweeter than artificially flavored animal collagen.

South Dakota has its heads screwed on straight when it comes to the after-dinner delights. We in the 605 prefer brownies for dessert. They really are the best dessert in the world. When you add in the states that prefer Texas sheet cake the most, which was tied for second on its own, brownies or fat brownies are the favorite dessert in seven states.

For further justification of brownies being the best, and if you disagree with me you are wrong, our neighbors Nebraska and Iowa also prefer brownies or Texas sheet cake respectively.

Image Provided by Coventry Direct
Image Provided by Coventry Direct

The most perplexing state is Texas. The Texas sheet cake is the most popular in four states, but Texas is not one of them. They like pecan pie the most.

Among other notables, North Dakota likes the bland banana split, while Wyoming's favorite is the perfectly acceptable German chocolate cake.

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