Chances are you could name at least a dozen businesses that have come and gone in your years on the planet. It might seem natural. Old is replaced by new, and new is replaced by newer...and newer is replaced by newest, at least for a while.

So when a business, and especially a business in 'small town South Dakota' has been around for longer than you have, well, something special must be going on!

And so it is for one business in Dimock, South Dakota.

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Dimock Dairy can rightfully and proudly proclaim to be South Dakota's oldest cheese plant, opening their doors before I was even a glint in my daddy's eye.

1931 to be exact.

And when a business, any business but especially a small town business, has been around for 90 years it tells me at least 2 things:

  1. They have great people working there, and;
  2. They have an incredible product.

Or perhaps I should say products!

The list of the kinds of the best cheeses you'll ever taste seems almost endless! From aged cheddar to bacon and onion, black pepper to chipotle, colby, dill, ghost pepper...oh heck, just check out all the delicious flavors here.

And as you know, Dimock is smack dab in the middle of South Dakota pheasant country to boot. But why wait until pheasant season for the best cheese in the state? Go ahead and contact them now and you can place your order online, too.

So pass the crackers and let's have us a snack!





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