It's truly difficult to believe that almost one year ago the world of sports just stopped.  Without warning, tournaments ended and professional sports like basketball and hockey came to a screeching halt.  Heck, baseball did not even start on time and was delayed for months on end. As the pandemic dragged on, it was abundantly evident that individuals across the country were missing their sports at all levels of play.

One thing is for sure...sports bring people together.  But what is America's favorite sport?  Better question:  What is South Dakota's favorite sport?  Let's see if these answers are grand slams.

According to the website Vivid Seats, "MyProtein broke down sport and athlete popularity across the U.S., with the help of data from Vivid Seats."  Both MyProtein and Vivid Seats analyzed this data based on ticket sales and Google searches.

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19 out of the 50 states across America dominates as the favorite sport in the country.  Whether it's college ball from the NCAA or the NFL, Americans are spending their money to attend game days.

MyProtein shows that the NFL is the top league in the state of South Dakota. This is actually somewhat surprising to me just because there isn’t an NFL team that calls South Dakota home.  The closest NFL team to South Dakota is of course the Minnesota Vikings.  Shockingly enough, most states in the Midwest favor the NFL over the NCAA.

Minnesota and Iowa love the NFL and football in general.  Wisconsin's favorite sport is basketball, especially the NBA.  Illinois residents love baseball and the MLB.  As an Illinois girl who loves baseball, this makes perfect sense to me. In my opinion, the best baseball teams are located in Chicago, especially on the Southside! (Go, Go White Sox!!!)

What's your favorite sport or team?

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