The Easter Bunny is getting ready to leave some yummy goodies in Easter baskets this weekend.  Or if you're just a bit "too old" for the Easter Bunny, I bet you'll still find a way to indulge in some Easter treats.

Whether you love chocolate eggs or a bowl full of jelly beans, there's always something for candy lovers to enjoy at Easter!  However, there is one, somewhat unusual tidbit of information our friends over at Zippia discovered.  People are eating more than just Easter candy when it comes to consuming their Easter treats.

Hard-boiled eggs?  Yep...I guess that's considered an Easter treat for some people.

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Zippia conducted a survey based on the popular Google Trends to determine the top Easter treats in every state in the country.  It turns out that 14 states across the country love hard-boiled eggs and identify them as a treat.  Eight states (brace yourselves) cannot get enough of those marshmallow Peeps...definitely not my favorite.

There is some good news for the state of South Dakota! Zippia concluded that our most treasured Easter treat is NOT Peeps or hard-boiled eggs. Whew! South Dakota's favorite Easter treats are...Cadbury Eggs.  Not the creme Cadbury Eggs, just the original.

The choice for the remaining midwestern states is either eggs or jelly beans:

  • Minnesota: Hard Boiled Eggs (This state is one of the 14 states that love them. Who would have thought?!)
  • Iowa: Starburst Jelly Beans 
  • Nebraska: Hard Boiled Eggs (Again...this one shocked me.)
  • Wisconsin: Hard Boiled Eggs (What the heck is going on here?! This is just too funny!)
  • Illinois: White Chocolate Eggs

What's your favorite Easter treat?  I just cannot get enough of the chocolate eggs from Hershey...yum!

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