'Ding Dong, Avon Calling'.

Well, hold on just a minute. Instead of Avon calling on us, let's go ahead and call on Avon.

Having grown up on a small farm near a small town (No, not in South Dakota but within about a proverbial stone's throw away), I've always had a special place in my heart for the communities where, as they say, everyone knows everyone. And it's those kinds of towns that make South Dakota the greatest place to live in the entire country.

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Want a great example?

Welcome to Avon, the Pride of Bon Homme county and the birthplace home of former South Dakota Senator and 1972 Presidential Candidate George McGovern. And while that fact may be the reason many people are familiar with Avon, there's a lot more to this friendly community of just short of 600 people. A whole lot more!

It was back in 1879 that Avon was born. And like so many of our great small towns, it was essentially the railroad that birthed Avon. If you think airline travel or interstate's are important now, well, that was what the railroad meant in the mid to late 1800's. If you got a train to come through town, well, you had a town. If the railroad decided to move those tracks, well, what you ended up with was a ghost town.

An early postmaster was from the town of Avon, New York you see, so...welcome Avon, South Dakota.

In addition to those nearly 600 friendly folks, Avon has everything you want....a beautiful park, and a bustling business main street and by the way, you like to hunt? Well, Avon is smack dab in the heart of some of the best Pheasant hunting you'll find anywhere! So this fall bring you're friends, knock down a few birds, and enjoy the hospitality of people that may be strangers when you meet them, but will be friends when you leave.

You can fly around Avon by checking out the video below.

Sure, go ahead and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and the Interstate and enjoy a 'Small Town With A Big Heart', Avon.

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