As Americans, we sure do love our French Fries So much so, that we eat around 30 pounds per year, on average.  And if you live here in the Sioux Empire, there are plenty of places with tasty fries. In fact, four restaurants cracked the top ten on this list. But one Sioux Falls eatery stands above the rest, with the most delicious fries in the entire state.

Best Things South Dakota has compiled a list of the 5, can't-miss places for French Fries in South Dakota. And you won't have to travel far to find number one on this list.

Here's the top 5, According to Best Things South Dakota:

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Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva
  1. J.L. Beers, Sioux Falls
  2. Sickies Garage, Rapid City/Sioux Falls
  3. Black Hills Sauce & Dough Co. (Formerly Black Hills Burger and Bun Company, Custer)
  4. Ode to Food and Drinks, Sioux Falls
  5. Taphouse 41, Sioux Falls

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Seeing some of your favorite places to grab fries on this list? You're in good company.

Best Things South Dakota writes that the key factor that put J.L. Beers a notch above the rest was the seasoning.

When ordering, a customer can choose between Sea salt, Cajun, Jalapeno cheddar, Barbecue, and Parmesan Garlic seasonings.

Sickies cracks the top five too, as do  Ode to Food & Drinks and Taphouse 41 (can you say duck fat fries?).

To read the descriptions for the entire list, check out the article from Best Things South Dakota here.

Story Source: Best Things South Dakota

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