When you think of life in prison, nothing good comes to mind. Having your freedom taken away is one thing, but what about the fellow inmates that you would be surrounded with.

I have a friend that worked twenty years as a prison guard at the South Dakota State Penitentiary. He told me that fighting is constantly on the minds of certain inmates.

The prison located in Sioux Falls is one that today, has a zero tolerance for assault, harassment, and any sexual misconduct. Any inmates discovered to be involved in such acts are heavily punished.

In the latest case, a judge says an inmate accused of assaulting another inmate must serve eight years in prison.

Authorities say 39 year-old Esteven Cruz-Febus and two other inmates, Daniel Augustine and Christian Witt, assaulted an inmate in the recreational yard at the penitentiary.

Cruz-Febus and the co-defendants allegedly stomped, punched and kicked the victim in the head and body multiple times. Augustine and Witt were sentenced earlier.

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