No, it's not the worst and it's definitely not the best. In fact, South Dakota has landed smack dab in the middle of the pack, in terms of best and worst states to drive in.

No, they didn't ask us, nor did they survey the residents of our state.

But in their defense, WalletHub did their research by gathering data from sources like The Insurance Research Council, National Insurance Crime Bureau, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, U.S. Census Bureau, Federal Highway Administration, and Triple-A, among others.

They looked at things as diverse as collisions with deer and other animals, driving laws in each state, gas prices, rush-hour traffic congestion, weather, road and bridge quality, DUI punishments, seatbelt wearing, traffic fatalities, number of auto repair shops, and more.

South Dakota came in 24th overall, but 45th in the safety category which looked at issues affecting our security while driving, in particular, bad behavior. This included speeding, phone use, aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, and poor turning. In other words, behaviors you would see every day in Sioux Falls traffic!

You can go to WalletHub to see the entire report on Best & Worst States to Drive In.

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