Americans know how to achieve big dreams and goals by putting forth countless hours of hard work and effort in quest of whatever objectives they are attempting to accomplish. In fact, Americans work for nearly 1,780 hours per year based on a study from WalletHub.

South Dakota, specifically, is ranked in the Top 15 of WalletHub's newest Top Hardest-Working States poll in the country.

This statistic may not surprise you, however this same study from WalletHub also shows that Americans do not take as much vacation time as they should.  On average Americans only use about 54% of their vacation time.  The reason?  Most Americans fear that taking more time off could seem like they are not as dedicated to their job.  Others (like myself) do not like fall behind in their work or disturb their work schedule.

Well, keep up the great work South Dakotans! The state of "Great Faces Great Places" is ranked #11 on the Top Hardest-Working States from WalletHub.

This survey is divided into several categories including states' highest employment, the highest average workweek hours, and lowest average leisure time spent per day.  This is how South Dakota shakes out on WalletHub's survey:

  • 6th – Average Workweek Hours
  • 19th – Employment Rate
  • 1st – Share of Workers with Multiple Jobs
  • 25th – Annual Volunteer Hours per Resident

There are many aspects of South Dakota that I have learned since I moved here two years go.  One of the first lessons I learned is that South Dakotans consistently give 110% in whatever they do.  Plus, South Dakotans are ALWAYS there for one another during the good and bad times!

Well done, South Dakota...well done.

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