Boy, this story may be one that would fall under the heading "How Low Can You Go?"

It's one thing to be caught stealing money and being sent to prison. But it's another when you are already out on parole. And yet another when the person you are stealing from is your mom!

An Alexandria, South Dakota man has been sentenced to serve ten years in prison for stealing from his ailing 90-year old mother. A jury in March found Kenneth Hauge guilty of theft by exploitation for stealing more than $30,000 from his mother's financial assets while she was at a nursing home in Mitchell. Hauge had been named as his mother's power of attorney.

The Daily Republic reports Hauge was out on parole for a previous felony drug conviction when he was arrested for stealing from his mother. That meant he was classified as a habitual offender. He was ordered to pay nearly $32,000 in restitution, and to have no contact with his mother.

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