Have you ever wanted to serve your community and make a real difference in some way?  Well, one answer for realizing this aspiration is to become a police officer!  But, what state offers the best circumstances to become a police officer? Which state is the top-notch state to make this dream become a reality?

Even though South Dakota does not crack the top ten on this new list from WalletHub, the state still ranks relatively high as one of the "Best States To Be A Police Officer."

It's obvious that any job in law enforcement has come under close scrutiny these days.  However, these situations have not deterred some people from wanting to become police officers.  New rookies will continue to be added to the already existing 800,000 men and women on police forces throughout the United States.

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The new study from WalletHub analyzes data that "ranges from the median income for law-enforcement officers to police deaths per 1,000 officers to state and local police-protection expenses per capita." WalletHub also based this ranking on opportunities, competition, law enforcement training requirements, job hazards, and protections.

Here's a quick little side note that WalletHub identified: Officers are more likely to join a police department that steers "clear of scandal and corruption and that are transparent with their communities."

So which state is the premier state to be a police officer?  The answer...California.  The opportunities, training requirements, and competition top the rest.  The other leading states to be a police officer include Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, and Illinois. Minnesota rounds out the top ten in holding down the number 10 spot.

If you're looking to join the force here in South Dakota, you're in luck! According to the study from WalletHub, South Dakota comes in near the top half of the list at the number 20 spot.  Plus, the Sioux Falls Police Department is hiring!

You can fill out an application to “serve and protect” in Sioux Falls by clicking here.

Don't forget to thank our officers!  Thanks to men and women in blue for all that you do!

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