Well gee, apparently the days of crankin' the fly wheel on the old 'B' John Deere are over.

It's been a few years since the days I spent growin' up on the little farm just a bit south of Leota, Minnesota. The tractors all had a letter with their name and Captain 11 was "Must See TV".

Ok, ok... its been years. Decades.

But one way I try (emphasis on try) to keep up, at least somewhat, on what's happening on the farm is by visiting thisisfarming.org. If it has to do with agriculture in South Dakota, this website has it, including great stuff for the kids.

So when I saw the term 'Precision Agriculture' I had to investigate.

Turns out its the only 4-year program available in the nation and its at South Dakota State University. This is, in effect, the Silicon Valley of ag. I mean, we're talking technology like Global Positioning Systems, sensors, telematics, drones, robotics and a lot of other words and terms that my old bald head doesn't understand.

Yessir, SDSU has become a world leader in precision agriculture.

It's something my kids and Grandkids will know all about. Me? I'll keep up best I can by reading This Is Farming.Org!

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