Anyone who ventured out of the city limits in South Dakota over the month of November, saw that farm life is very busy this time of year. The 2018 harvest was happening in field after field.

I was traveling back from Kansas City from the National Association of Farm Broadcasters National Convention. And over the course of 350 miles, I saw a vast amount of tractors, combines and trucks binging in the bushels. Many headlights were seen in the fields after sundown.

The farmers have been getting it done and for the most part, the entire month of November was suitable for fieldwork.

The corn and sorghum harvests are coming to a close in South Dakota.

The federal Agriculture Department in its weekly crop report says 90 percent of the corn and 94 percent of the sorghum is harvested. The sunflower harvest has reached three-fourths complete.

Sixty-nine percent of subsoil moisture supplies and 87 percent of topsoil moisture supplies are rated adequate to surplus.

Pasture and range conditions in the state are rated 46 percent in good to excellent condition.

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