The last couple of years I have realized that I'm kind of a tight ass when it comes to spending money on my sole hobby: bow hunting.

Don't get me wrong. I hunt safe and I hunt careful, but I conscientiously try to not spend a lot of money doing it.

Over the next few weeks I'll let you inside my head and what I'm thinking about when I'm hunting and more importantly getting ready to hunt.

Some of the topics I'll be covering in my classroom of cheapness are Prepare More, Hunt Less; Where Are the Trees; Clean Up Time; Mistake Hunt; Getting My Mind Right; Hunting From a Car; Sharing Deer and more.

Many true bow hunters have already been out. Some have already scored with taking a nice deer, like Ward from Ft. Randall Casino.

Hey, if you have already harvested your deer, I'd love to hear it. Get all Outdoor Life like with it and include a bit of a story. Stories rock, especially deer hunting stories. I'll also share some important insight with sayings I've either come up with or have plagiarized. My favorite, You can't shoot one, sleeping on the couch. 

Ward from Ft. Randall Casino-Wagner, SD