Being happy is something we maybe take for granted in a way. We just kind of hope it happens automatically.

But actually, there are things we can do to make happiness happen. Everybody wants to be happy, but what are some ways to achieve it?

Here are six things that make you feel happy:

  1. Get More Sleep This is pretty much a no-brainer
  2. Excercise Feeling fit and in good shape affects your mood in a very positive way
  3. Spend Time Outdoors Seeing nature, trees, green grass, flowers and living creatures will make you feel good as opposed to being cooped up inside. Plus the fresh air will have an impact.
  4. Find Meaning Your overall satisfaction with your life and what it all means will bring great pleasure.
  5. Maintain Relationships Spending time with others regularly, long-term relationships, investing in the future by having children or establishing strong mentor-like bonds with younger people all are things that show up in happier lives.
  6. Listen To Yourself Don't ignore your feelings and always do what you feel and believe in.

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