Next door to the construction project for the Levitt Pavilion in uptown Sioux Falls lies a manufacturing facility that has been part of the landscape near Falls Park for decades. Sioux Steel has decided to create the perfect time to move their facility and create a unique opportunity to develop the eleven acres as part of a bigger plan for Downtown Sioux Falls.

The uptown development along with the railyard purchase creates a blank canvas of over 20 acres.

"I look at that site as really being a driver of downtown development for the next 10 years," said Joe Batcheller, President of Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc.

The move is planned for the summer of 2019, according to reports from KSFY News.

"I truly believe this is going to be like a 25 -acre juggernaut for the city of Sioux Falls," Mayor Mike Huether said. "The Railyard redevelopment and the Levitt pavilion and phase one and two and three of the River Greenway and on and on and on," Huether said. "Can you tell I'm excited? That's because, this land is so valuable in the heart of our downtown now -- so why wouldn't we take our time to do it right?"

The ability to plan all of the developments together provide a unique benefit, as those involved build for the future of Sioux Falls.

The available land can be used for many establishments including businesses, restaurants, bars, and hotels. Some a hoping for a relocation of the Canaries stadium to Downtown Sioux Falls, freeing up much needed parking at the Denny Sanford Premier Center.

President and CEO Scott Rysdon offered his thoughts on the relocation of Sioux Steel. "On our 100th anniversary, we celebrate our history and look toward the future. It is time for Sioux Steel to put the land it has called home to its highest and best community use and enjoyment. Development will be phased over time and it is an exciting opportunity to be a part of planning and developing the property in a way that will enhance public resources to the benefit of the community as a whole." The new location of Sioux Steel will be further north on Phillips Avenue, in the Uptown area.

Source: KSFY TV

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