You drag yourself out of bed, turn on the coffee pot, and head for the shower. Hey, not so fast! No water.

The City of Sioux Falls announced that a "low-pressure water event" occurred Monday morning in Sioux Falls, due to a valve problem and issued a boil order for a significant area of the city, just west of Sertoma Park off of Oxbow and 49th Street.

The boil order was for an area bordered by West 49th street to the north, I-229 on the south, South Louise Avenue on the west, and South Oxbow Avenue on the east.

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Residents in that area were then advised by the City Health Department that there "should be enough chlorine in the water to kill any bacteria" and the boil order was just a precaution for homes and businesses until lab results on the water came back.

For businesses, this meant a long list of "Directions for Responding to a Boil Water Order for Food Services and Restaurants", not the least of which included:

  • Food must be washed, soaked, or rinsed using only commercially bottled water or boiled and cooled water.
  • Water that is used as an ingredient in food must be only commercially bottled water or boiled and cooled before use.
  • Food that is prepared in boiled water may be prepared as long as the boiling process allows for the water to be at a rolling boil for at least one to three minutes.
  • Cold beverage dispensing machines such as soda or iced tea machines may not be used.
  • When the boil order is rescinded, run all taps until the water runs cold to flush the lines (five minutes).
  • Flush all water heaters after the boil order has been rescinded to remove any sediment and possibly contaminated water.

For more information about Boil Water directions in Sioux Falls, and in general, see the Sioux Falls Health Department or the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Sources: City of Sioux Falls Health Department and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).


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