Millions of dollars is needed for the city's Wastewater Treatment Center in Sioux Falls.

In fact $260 million is the figure department officials say is needed to expand the facility. KSFY TV is reporting that without an expansion Sioux Falls will not be able to treat all of the city's wastewater. And with a growing city, so does the amount of wastewater being treated, and the 30 year old plant is now nearing its capacity.

KSFY TV talked with Public Works Director Mark Cotter who said, "Our proposed plan is to now expand the plant from 21 million gallons a day up to 30." Cotter said a five year, $260 million expansion plan would solve the problem. $100 million will go into the collection system, about $160 million will go into the treatment plant.

With the upgrade Sioux Falls residents will see an increase in their utility bill but it won't be a dramatic jump. If the expansion is approved starting next year customers could see their sewer bill jump from $32 to a little more than $34.

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