Sioux Falls police arrested a suspect after he climbed into a stranger’s unlocked car, refused to leave and then bit the victim in the arm.

The incident took place when a Sioux Falls man briefly left his unlocked car to pick up a friend at a business in the 2700 block of West 41st Street in Sioux Falls on Monday (May 21) just after 7:00 PM. As the victim went inside the building, he looked out a window to see a stranger in his car.

Both the victim and his girlfriend tried to convince the suspect to the leave the vehicle, but he refused. A struggle ensued, punches were thrown and the suspect bit the victim in the arm.

As police arrived, they found the victim and his girlfriend having removed the suspect from the car. The two were holding down the suspect, waiting for help to arrive.

Police arrested a known transient, 23-year-old Alec Matthew Szczesiul for aggravated assault, simple assault and criminal entry of a vehicle. No other injuries were reported

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