The housing market across the country is booming.  If you were to put your house on the market, chances are it would sell in just a matter of days!  This is especially true here in Sioux Falls. In fact, Sioux Falls is seeing a huge house shortage because more and more people are looking to move into the area.

I wouldn't be surprised if the number of new faces popping up in Sioux Falls continues to skyrocket after this new ranking from Niche. Sioux Falls sits at one of the top spots in Niche's "Best Cities To Buy A Home."

For several years, Niche has been conducting "Best Places to Live" rankings by "using data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, and CDC combined with millions of resident reviews. The company considers factors such as affordability, the local housing market, neighborhood diversity, area public schools, walkability, and more."  Affordability, great schools, lots of space to wonder why Sioux Falls is on the list!

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Based on Niche's research, Sioux Falls is ranked at number six....oh so close to being in the Top Five! Last year, Sioux Falls just cracked the top ten by being named the tenth best city in the 2020 poll.  It’s obvious that our fine city is really trending towards the top!

So close to being in the Top Five!  Here are the cities across the country that are the "Best Cities To Buy A Home:"  According to Niche, the cities across the country that are the "Best Cities To Buy A Home" are:

  1. Overland Park, KS
  2. The Woodlands, TX
  3. Rochester, MN
  4. Plano, TX
  5. Naperville, IL (Quick side note: I have family that lives in this cute suburb!)

Overall, 228 cities and 18,516 towns and neighborhoods were part of this annual ranking from Niche.

You can check out the rest of the 2021 Best Places To Live rankings by clicking here!

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