Severe weather rolled through the Sioux Falls area Tuesday night overlapping into Wednesday morning. Not the most furious of storms, but they made their presence known.

By far heavy rain would be the most universal characteristic of the showers. Lightning was a close second followed by hail.

Areas around Harrisburg reported in excess of three inches of rain while 1.2 inches of precipitation was collected at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. Todd Heitkamp of the National Weather Service noted there were some hail reports.

“We had anywhere from pea to dime to ping-pong ball size hail as it moved through Sioux Falls last night. Thankfully the larger hail wasn’t too abundant.”

Southeastern Minnehaha County and northern Lincoln County was under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning beginning at 11:02 PM until 11:45 PM. Meanwhile a separate storm triggered another warning for a storm exiting Turner County and headed into northern Lincoln County around 11:22 PM. A final wave affected Turner and Lincoln Counties with one final warning at 11:47 PM Tuesday.

Strong wind was reported west of Irene in Yankton County with a trained weather spotter indicating the loss of some small tree branches. As storms moved through Iowa a reporting station in Spencer, Iowa indicated a 58 mile per hour gust around 2:00 AM.

Possibilities loom for more showers before the end of the week. Even though the calendar officially says summer, Sioux Falls and the surrounding area is experiencing a more spring-like unsettled pattern that will continue through the weekend.

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