Every day during the school year all the school children are in the safe hands of a true professional, that being their teacher. I try to imagine the responsibility they face each and every day that they walk into their place of business, the school.

But, non the less, they give not only education, but a feeling of safety to the children that we love. It's been over 40 years, but I still remember being in school. I never felt scared as long as my teacher was in the room.

But after an incident like the one on Friday, teachers had a whole new task to deal with. Imagine what is was for them on Monday morning to have to restore faith in their students. Imagine the fear in each child right here at home as they put on their back packs and headed away from mom and dad at home.

The only person in the world that could solve any of our fears, was our child's teacher. I want to send out a special 'God Bless You' to all the teachers out there. Please share this with one you know.

On Wednesday morning we talked with Renee Halde, a counselor at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Sioux Falls of 11 years. Renee is also the lead person on the counseling crisis team for the Sioux Falls School District.

Renee says: 'Children need to be listened closely to. We need to hear their questions and answer them clearly and completely. But also, refrain from over informing them'.

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