The Sioux Falls Community School District released a heartfelt video on Friday, directed at students, faculty, and parents.

With images of empty high school parking lots, cafeterias with the chairs up, classrooms without kids, and locker rooms without athletes; it's a chilling scene. It shows just how much has changed in our community in the past month.

The narrator perfectly describes how we're all feeling at this moment "Nobody wanted this. We didn't ask for this." Yet the video reminds us there's also a lot to be proud of in the midst of this crisis.

From teachers going above and beyond the incredible job they were already doing before the pandemic hit, to students adapting to this "new normal", and even parents helping their children in the remote learning process.

It really is remarkable when you think of how much that has changed in such a short amount of time. But the Sioux Falls Community School District reminds us that they will be here for all of us when things get back to normal.

You can watch the YouTube video in the link below and keep up to date with the latest news from the Sioux Falls Community School District here.

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