A lucky Sioux Falls resident just traveled to Las Vegas to witness a once-in-a-lifetime concert at the incredible new venue called The Sphere. This show is truly the future of concerts. You'll have to see the pictures to believe it.

The Sphere in Las Vegas just opened its doors in 2023 and the band to kick-off this unreal concert experience is U2. Known to push the boundaries of live performances, U2 brings its infectious energy to The Sphere by celebrating its seventh album Achtung Baby. The concert? It's even better than the real thing...

The lucky Sioux Falls resident who went to see U2 at The Sphere was me. I feel so incredibly blessed and fortunate to witness my favorite band for the fourth time at this mind-blowing venue. As a wedding gift, my friends gave my fiancé and me tickets to see U2 last Friday, February 9th. What an incredible and thoughtful gift! But we almost didn't make it.

That Sunday before the show, my amazing grandmother Freda Murphy passed away. She was 97-years-old and yet it was and still is a shock. Grandma knew about our trip to Las Vegas to see U2 and she just had one rule..."No strip clubs, Chris!" Haha she had a funny sense of humor.  By the grace of God and the force of Freda, we did make the show. She was with us from the start of "Zoo Station" and the way until "Beautiful Day."

This is truly a show I will never forget. Here is my experience seeing U2 at The Sphere.

U2 Performs Electric Show at The Sphere

The Sphere was ready to go for the concert on Friday! It was finally time to go inside for the show. Are you ready to take a look inside?

My goodness...the inside of The Sphere and the stage took my breath away. Once we secured our spot on the left side of the stage, we just looked up and took it all in. I'm telling you: This video does not do this venue justice. It's amazing.

U2 Performs Electric Show at The Sphere

Say hello to Pauli "the PSM" Lovejoy. He is from the UK and he is a drummer and multi-instrumentalist who opened the show. He got everyone dancing and singing. The perfect warm-up!

U2 Performs Electric Show at The Sphere

This is it...the moment I've been dreaming about for months. U2 is taking the stage and opening the show with "Zoo Station." I'm literally right next to them! And yes...I cried. Especially when "The Fly" glasses went on.

U2 Performs Electric Show at The Sphere

U2 can create so many astonishing effects inside The Sphere. During "The Fly," stage reflects the digital era and "buzz words." These words appear on the screen like a fly.

U2 Performs Electric Show at The Sphere

The Edge's guitar solo during "The Fly" is nothing short of magical. You're so mesmerized by his talents that you almost miss the ceiling collapse. This was too cool and this video doesn't even begin to describe this magic.

Elvis was in the building! U2 brought Elvis to life during "Even Better Than The Real Thing." If you go see U2 at The Sphere, here's a tip for this part of the show. Try to look at the screen slowly. When I was on the ground, I felt like the floor was moving and the stage was getting bigger. It was quite the trip. But I focused on something on the stage that wasn't totally moving and I was okay!

U2 Performs Electric Show at The Sphere

I've been to several U2 shows where I have seen the group perform "One" before. However, this rendition for Achtung Baby at The Sphere felt different. It felt so soulful, raw, and pure. With everything happening in my life, I got emotional again. It was like I was hearing the song for the first time.

U2 Performs Electric Show at The Sphere

Bono decides he wants a closer look at the crowd during "Until the End of the World." Not only did he crowd surf a bit, but he also gave the audience a taste of Rolling Stone's song "Paint It, Black." What a cool transition!

In between songs from Achtung Baby, the band adds a few surprise songs in the middle. Our song of the night was "When Love Comes to Town" with the late B.B. King.  I never ever thought I would see this powerful song live. Bono explained to the crowd that they wanted to honor the other "King of Las Vegas" and their friend B.B. King.

I can't give too much of the show away. But let's just say...U2 wanted to "elevate" the crowd. I will always get excited when I hear this song!

U2 Performs Electric Show at The Sphere

This is unreal! During a performance of "Where The Streets Have No Name," U2 brought the outside inside The Sphere. It almost felt like you could feel the wind blowing and feel the warmth. It's remarkable.

U2 is no stranger to adding hidden messages in each performance. To close out the show, The Sphere was filled with beautiful creatures. These animals represent the endangered species in the world, including the state of Nevada. The message? Take care of God's creations "great and small."

U2 Performs Electric Show at The Sphere

Pictures and videos do not do this venue or show justice. There are only seven shows left of U2's Achtung Baby Residency at The Sphere. If you're able, go to the concert. Buy the tickets. You won't regret it.

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