The city of Sioux Falls has issued a statement that they did not issue any permit to remove a wall at the location of the former Copper Lounge, which unexpectedly collapsed, killing construction worker Ethan McMahon and injuring resident Emily Fodness and three family pets.

Hultgren Construction Wall Facebook Post
Anonymous (Used with Permission)

The screenshot of this post on the Facebook for Hultgren Construction was captured before the post was removed, and later the Facebook page completely removed.

The Sioux Falls Mayor's office provided further details:

  • City records indicate that the Copper Lounge building located at 136 S Phillips Avenue and Eastwold Smoke Shop located at 110 E 10th Street was built in 1916.
  • County records indicate that the building was owned by CLP Investments LLC but had recently been transferred to Boomerang Investments LLC.
  • Preliminary plan submittals to City Building Services proposed the renovation of the first story to a 4,800 square foot retail suite for a Lewis Drug Downtown with the existing smoke shop area remaining as a retail suite. The plans proposed the expansion of the existing Copper Lounge area into the adjoining single-story old Skelly’s area.
  • On October 6, 2016, City Building Services issued a limited permit authorizing Hultgren Construction LLC to remove interior finishes such as furnishings, floor coverings, ceiling tiles, and an existing bar area.
  • City Building Services has been awaiting structural engineering and architectural submittals from the builder before issuing authorization to begin any further work on the project.

In a Facebook Live Video posted by The Bakery on Oct. 14, Aaron Hultgren talked about removing the 90-foot wall, which is more than 3 feet thick, and the difficulties involved in the project according to KDLT News.  The video has been removed from the internet.

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