When financial website Wallet Hub crunched some numbers to find out which United States cities had the least amount of stress, Sioux Falls scored very well.

Just don't tell that to the person who got caught up in the 57th Street and Louise Avenue water main break at 5:00 PM. Or the guy who just taught the neighbor kids a new string of curse words on his 63rd pull on the weed wacker. Or the diner whose Panchero's coupon expired... yesterday.

Sioux Falls showed up 146th on the list of 150 most stressed-out cities. So apparently, we're pretty chill.

The usual suspects showed up. Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Jersey! High traffic, weather, economy, ease of commute, health, and jobs were all taken into consideration for the results. Newark, NJ., Detroit, MI., and Cleveland, OH. were ranked the top 3 most stressed-out cities.

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