The feel of summer, post-covid, has a kind of strange vibe to it. There is more freedom to go and see and do. But finding employees for the venues where you would normally attempt some summer fun, has been difficult this year.

That is the situation the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department found themselves in at the beginning of the swimming season and not much has changed according to Pigeon 605.

In fact, the lack of qualified applicants for lifeguard positions has meant that two Sioux Falls pools, Frank Olson and McKennan Wading Pool, have yet to open to the public.

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Don Kearney the Sioux Falls Parks &  Rec director said that they are attempting to open McKennan Park wading pool yet this summer. "We’re still using Frank Olson for swim team practice and swimming lessons, and we’re looking at doing additional fitness classes in that location.”

All of those activities don't require the presence of lifeguards, so whether they will find enough people to staff both of the pools at a level where the public can utilize them is still a toss-up.

Kearney also indicated that the presence of the Midco Aquatic Center has meant a 25% drop in attendance at other city pools.

The future of Sioux Falls pools includes plans to "replace and modernize" Frank Olson, Kuehn, and McKennan Park pools. They will be brought up to ADA compliance with zero-depth entries and more interactive aquatic features will be added like the newer pools in Sioux Falls.

There are also plans in the pipeline to update the Laurel Oak and Terrace Park pools.

“We’ve been talking about needing to replace these pools for a long time, not necessarily immediately, but having a plan that addresses our oldest facilities is music to my ears.”- -Don Kearney/Director Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation Department

Source: pigeon605

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