Officer Sam Clemens provided the details of recent incidents responded to by Sioux Falls Police over the weekend, including a fatal motorcycle crash, a man robbed while leaving a casino, and a woman fleeing a kidnapper.

Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Two motorcycles became entangled and crashed when their handlebars clipped each other as they slowed to avoid a collision with a deer at 1:18 AM this morning (September 24).
The area of the crash at 60th street north and Kiwanis Avenue was closed to traffic for several hours to allow for a full investigation.
One person died in the crash, a 51-year-old man from Sioux Falls, who was not wearing a helmet. The man was ejected from his bike, had a faint pulse at the scene but later died from his injuries.
The other motorcyclist was a woman, age 48 from Sioux Falls. She was not injured.

Man charged with kidnapping:

Police received a call about an incident in the 900 block N Blauvelt early 2:30 AM on Sunday morning (September 23) A person living in the area heard a woman screaming, observed a woman running away, who was grabbed by a man and dragged back to a residence.
Police responded to the scene and found that the two knew each other, the man was trying to take off the woman’s blouse and she was fleeing to safety at a nearby friend’s home but did not make it before the man caught up to her, put his hand over mouth and nose, and dragged her back. The reported being punched and kicked, continuing to scream until police arrived.
Tistagarcia, Juan Carlos, 40, from Sioux Falls was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and kidnapping.
The victim, 29, from Sioux Falls, had no serious physical injuries.

A Man was Robbed while leaving Casino
A mean leaving the Lucky Lady Casino at 600 W 11th Street Friday afternoon was robbed by a person described as a regular at the Casino. The robbery at 12:50 PM occurred when the victim went to leave, was hit in the back of the head, and his wallet was stolen. The suspect has been identified by numerous sources. Police continue to search for him.



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