A stash of 18 pounds of marijuana was discovered after a tip from another interstate drug bust.

The chain of events took place on Tuesday (February 26) when authorities made a traffic stop on an interstate near Sioux Falls at an undisclosed location. Information gathered from that stop lead to a search of two locations in Sioux Falls:

  • 2700 block of West 27th Street: This location was the residence of a man on parole, enabling officers to do a parole search, rather than obtaining a search warrant. Parolee Mason James Mitzel's home was searched and 18 pounds of marijuana was discovered, resulting in charges of felony possession of marijuana and intent to distribute in a drug-free zone.
  • 2000 block of East Street North: Two residents were at the residence and a third person was detained while attempting to leave when authorities arrived. A small amount of marijuana was found, THC oil and an assortment of pills. Parolee Desmond Henderson, Dyland Craig Pritchard, and Calvin Jordan Williamson were detained or arrested.



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