A Sioux Falls man who was already in custody in Minnesota is now facing additional charges after an altercation with a correctional officer when he bit the officer in the finger.

38-year-old Nicholas Bryson was being moved to a different cell in the Nobles County Jail, Worthington, Minnesota, when he allegedly started fighting with the correctional officer, bit him in the finger and also injured his knee.  The alleged incident on May 8 drew blood under the officer's glove.

The incident happened when Bryson was allegedly being uncooperative about moving to another cell.  As the officer entered the cell, Bryson pushed the officer to the floor, and the two wrestled.

Bryson has been charged with felony fourth-degree assault of a corrections officer.  His conditional bond was set at $10,000 and unconditional at $20,000.

Reports did not indicate what Bryson was initially incarcerated for.  The officer was treated at a local hospital for his injuries and released.






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