As a kid growing up near Leota, Minnesota my parents took us for a night to the area county fairs.

Luverne. Pipestone. Slayton. Worthington.

It would be an evening spent checking out all the animals, all the agricultural exhibits, and of course the rides...and the food!

There's an extra special treat coming tot he Nobles County fair in Worthington this year. In addition to the cotton candy (great for the teeth), corn dogs (great for the waist line) and giant soda's (just great), Country Star Joe Diffie is coming to town.

Joe Diffie will be in concert at the Nobles County Fair Saturday, August 10th at 7:30 P.M. With a dozen Number One hits and over 6 million albums sold, this will be a night of great country music.

Advance tickets for Grammy Award winner Joe Diffie are just $10.00 through July 15 and can be purchased here. Tickets will be $20.00 at the door.


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