We Sioux Falls people love our pizza. Whether it's pepperoni, sausage or all veggie, someone in Sioux Falls is eating a slice of pizza every second.

I did a survey on Monday regarding pizza toppings. I asked what toppings were just simply wrong and was amazed at the answers, which we will share in a future story.

But in this particular story, let's focus on how nuts people around here are for pizza. Pizza consumption in restaurants is trending at its highest level in the past four years.

Over three out of four people have eaten at a pizza restaurant this year. So what are they craving?

First of all, the crust. While the thinner, less fattening crusts are the trend, hand-tossed is the top crust type found on restaurant menus.

Tomato-based red sauce remains the most common topping on pizzas, but nontraditional sauces, such as ranch, alfredo and white sauce, are also appearing. Seventy one percent of pizza maniacs choose mozzarella cheese.

While kids still love just a cheese pizza, most adults are ordering sausage and pepperoni. And 73 percent add either onions, mushrooms or peppers.

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