Sioux Falls Chief Matt Burns is praising the work of the Sioux Falls Drug task force and the difference they're making in stopping the flow of drugs in the city. So far this year, 357 total operations and 105 search warrants took place, along with undercover and surveillance operations.

Burns says meth continues to be a driver of crime. 52.1 pounds of meth were seized in 2018, a new record, with 11.8 pounds in October alone. Heroin and opioids are the main cause of overdose in the area. 8.39 pounds of heroin were seized in 2018, with a street value of over $300,000 dollars. Over 70 pounds of marijuana was confiscated.

Drug-related money has been taken out of the hands of drug dealers and will be given to law enforcement to fight against drug trafficking. 50 guns were taken off the street in 2018, 37 related to meth, 20 to marijuana and 1 heroin-related.

Police say additional treatment options are needed for those with serious addictions. 90 percent of meth comes through the southern border, according to the DEA. There are established drug trafficking routes, some through South Dakota. Very little meth is manufactured in South Dakota compared to previous years, due to the risk of fire or explosion making meth, verses pre-made meth being readily available.

Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Millstead says he is grateful for the Sioux Falls area drug task force, who receives support by other law enforcement and citizens reporting concerns. He says the only way to win the fight against drugs is for everyone to work together.

There are a total of 10 members of the Drug Task Force, including six police, two sheriff deputies and two federal agents.



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