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Industries across the country are one step closer to flying unmanned commercial drones, thanks to a proposed set of rules announced by the Federal Aviation Administration Sunday.

Flying small unmanned commercial drones is currently banned and for months dozens of industries, including Sioux Falls Tower and Communications, have been pushing for permission to fly. Saturday, those industries got a glimpse of hope.

Flying during daylight hours, staying five miles away from the nearest airport and keeping constant visual contact with the drone are just a few of the regulations pilots would have to abide by. And Sioux Falls' Todd Thorin says the proposed regulations are very doable.

Thorin says when the proposed set of rules is implemented, it'll open up the floodgates to the entire small drone industry. And he says with small, commercial drones flying high in the sky, the possibilities are unlimited.

Thorin says before the proposed rules were unveiled, the FAA put military-sized, small, and micro-drones on the same level. And Thorin says the weekend's big announcement now looks at each as their own class of aircraft.

To find out what else Thorin had to say and to find out when the new rules might be implemented, read London Swan's complete story.

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