The Sioux Falls city council met on Tuesday night. Part of the evenings' agenda was to have a first reading on the repeal of the 'No Mingling' ordinance.

The new ordinance had been put into place to help combat the public spread of the COVID-19 virus in Sioux Falls. The ordinance stated that foodservice businesses like restaurants and bars must keep all patrons or groups seated at least six feet apart.

Businesses could host as many patrons as they can while
allowing that they cannot be closer than six feet apart. And groups must consist of six adults or less with no limit on how many minors are allowed in your party. Businesses such as recreational facilities, athletic buildings, health clubs, and entertainment venues are limited to 50% of their posted fire code capacity.

A second reading is going to be held on Tuesday, May 26th. If the second reading is approved then the 'No Mingling' ordinance will be repealed for the city of Sioux Falls on May 29th.

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