Sioux Falls is home to some of the best, local restaurants in the state of South Dakota.  Everyone usually has their favorites.  However, most people can agree that Phillips Avenue Diner tops the list when it comes to hometown favorites.

If you're looking for a hearty breakfast or a delicious milkshake, then step back in time at the Phillips Avenue Diner!

The Phillips Avenue Diner is located right in the heart of the downtown Sioux Falls area on South Phillips Avenue.  When you walk into the local diner, you will feel like you are back in the year 1970.  The story of the Phillips Avenue Diner on the website explains:

"Once upon a time there was a cool silver Airstream trailer that really wanted to be a vintage restaurant. This nostalgic piece of Americana was located on Louise Avenue and known as the Market Diner. That was 1996 (19 years after Elvis died). A few years went by, the building's owners tried a few other things at the Louise Avenue location (remember Dixie Brothers?) and then! Then they had a Big Idea..."

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This big idea was to bring the Phillips Avenue Diner to the downtown area! The rest is history!

One of my favorite places to visit with my friends and family is the Phillips Avenue Diner.  My mom especially cannot get enough of this local hotspot!  Recently, my friend Hannah and I stopped by the diner for breakfast.  I've never enjoyed breakfast there before so that was a real treat! My waffle was so yummy! The side of sausage links and cup of fruit just completed the meal for me.

On top of the breakfast, I also tried my first ever  Phillips Avenue Diner milkshake! I know...shocking.  I have never been a huge fan of milkshakes, but it's almost like a right of passage to try a milkshake from this local diner. I recommend the Emmanomnom milkshake if you're into sweet, chocolaty treats!

From breakfast to lunch to dinner, and those mouthwatering, monstrous milkshakes, you certainly feel like you're home when you visit the Phillips Avenue Diner!

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