If you're looking for some boozy desserts for your next big event, look no further than Intoxibakes!

Intoxibakes is one of the first South Dakota bakeries to infuse alcohol into its desserts. The bakery has "over 70 alcohol-infused flavors of cupcakes that rotate out during the week including Mudslide, Amaretto, Daiquiri, Bourbon Maple Bacon, and many more!" These delightful, boozy desserts are making me hungry! It won't be long now before cotton candy is added to the menu.

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In a Facebook post, the boozy bakery made the exciting announcement that they purchased a local cotton candy store called the Candy Cloud Factory. This pairing is almost too perfect. Intoxibakes is located inside the Jones Building on Phillips Avenue while the Candy Cloud Factory is just down the street.

According to the Facebook post, the owner of Intoxibakes Holly Jorgenson can't wait to grow both businesses. It's going to be one sweet treat in the Sioux Empire!

As Intoxibakes is coming up on 6 years of business, we have been looking for ways to diversify. Cotton candy and ice cream are perfect complements to our bakery!

Owner Holly Jorgenson is very familiar with cotton candy as she grew up around the family carnival based out of Huron, SD. Co-owners Josie Layton and Shannon Johnson are eager to expand their knowledge in the world of sweets.
You can follow Intoxibakes and Candy Cloud Factory on Facebook for any new updates about this business expansion.
I am a huge fan of the tasty desserts from Intoxibakes. So I can't wait to see what they do next!

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