A tasty Sioux Falls bakery was just named one of the Best Holiday Bakeries in America. This Sioux Falls sweet shop is perfect for your holiday fun!

Oh My Cupcakes! in Sioux Falls was named Best Holiday Bakeries in America thanks to a recent survey from Yelp. The cupcake treat that landed the local bakery on this national list is a holiday favorite too!

The experts from Yelp created a "state-by-state guide to the best holiday desserts across the country. This is an all-time list of the top bakeries for the holidays in each state according to Yelp." From gingerbread cookies to holiday pies, there are tasty Christmastime desserts that Yelp says are the best of the best.

Yelp says the cupcake that people must-have this holiday season from Oh My Cupcakes! is called the Winter Wonderland Cupcake.

Oh My Cupcakes! (via Facebook)
Oh My Cupcakes! (via Facebook with permission)

This cupcake just screams Christmas! Oh My Cupcakes! describes this treat as a "chocolate cupcake with chopped peppermint bark folded into the batter, topped with cream cheese frosting and topped with crushed candy canes." This cupcake is too delicious to pass up! It's available now until February 29th.

Oh My Cupcakes! has other delightful cupcakes to try this holiday season. Take a look at other delicious cupcakes from Oh My Cupcakes! to satisfy your sweet tooth. Keep in mind: Oh My Cupcakes! offers gluten-free desserts too!

Delicious Sioux Falls Cupcakes to Try

Congratulations to Oh My Cupcakes! on being named one of the Best Holiday Bakeries in America! Time to celebrate with cupcakes of course!

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