Definitely one of the great personalities over many years on KXRB Radio, has been Sid Pederson. Sid owns Pederson Commodities, and does live market updates every day of the week on the station.

Along with the market reports, when he joins Morning Show host Mark Tassler, there is also fun commentary.

Mark and Sid usually relate whatever they are talking about to their own family life. They are both family guys all the way and they like to laugh and make life fun.

When Sid and his wife Wendy were visiting their family on July 4 in Arlington, Virginia, they joined in on a neighborhood parade. This involved their children and grandson.

Sid was wearing a Captain America cape. You've got to see it.

The following video of the Barcroft Parade is just over five minutes long. If you have time, it's fun to watch it all. If you just want to see Sid and his family, view from the 2:51 to 3:08 mark.  Captain Sid is the dude wearing sunglasses and holding a coffee cup:

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