Two shopping days that have nothing to do with one particular Friday in November or freaking Monday on the internet. These two days not only will make local retailers smile, but you'll be walking away with a warm heart.

Go ahead and let your Thanksgiving dinner rest. Relax, don't be in a hurry, and don't think you have to be the first one in line when the doors open to get a good deal. There's plenty for everyone and beginning this weekend everything will be right here. Locally. In your own little town store that is waiting to see your smiling eyes above the mask.

According to a release by the South Dakota Retailers Association (SDRA), they hope you will support local businesses and our future entrepreneurs. SDRA and Junior Achievement are teaming together, supporting organizations that teach entrepreneurial skills. In South Dakota, many shop owners have taken skills learned in JA and brought them directly into their own businesses.

Small Business Saturday, November 28 supports the Mom & Pop businesses while Giving Tuesday, December 1 gives a boost for up and comers.

One long-time Sioux Falls business owner Kevin Nyberg says, “Junior Achievement is a great program for teaching needed skills we use every day in business.”

Support our local business and look for a bright future by shopping locally.

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