Things got really crazy in northwest Iowa right before everyone went into lockdown, like feeding-your-roommate-dried-skin crazy.

Three college roommates have been charged with assault after they allegedly removed dry skin from one of their feet and put it into a fourth roommate’s shredded cheese and watched her consume it without her knowledge.

Cited for assault were 20-year-old Lindsey Ann Cundiff of Pocahontas, 19-year-old Kyiah Elaine Kastner of Sanborn and 20-year-old Ellie Thompson of Parker, SD, on Monday, April 20, according to the Sheldon Police Department.

If you almost puked, so did I. That's pretty gross. This happened back on March 13, which was the day a lot of people started staying put and going into lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

I don't know if this was a prank that just went too far, I have been a part of those, or if this was just mean. But I know this for sure, I will always think of grated foot skin when the server at an Italian restaurant asks me if I would like fresh grated Parmesan on my pasta.

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