The state of the State of South Dakota Business climate is good. And is expected to get better in the coming months.

According to Secretary of State Shantel Krebs South Dakota has seen a 13 Percent Increase in business filings as of the end of 2017 which amounts to its highest mark since 2013.

What is the reason for the increase? A new online business filing system implemented at the end of the 2016 calendar year.

“My goal when I took over this office in 2015 was to make it operate at the speed of business, not at the speed of government,” stated Secretary Krebs. “We moved from paper filings that were over six weeks behind when I took office to an online service for today’s fast-paced business world where you can form a business within 15 minutes and have your certificate in hand.”

Of the LLCs that formed in calendar year 2017, 81 percent formed online utilizing the new system implemented by Secretary Krebs.

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