It's easy to pass off your cell phone to a child if they're bored or misbehaving, and some parents are even buying their child a device of their own.

But some medical professionals say kids are indulging in the use of the electronic device too much. Pediatricians say it's having an impact on children's health.

Kid's brains are stimulated by the lit screen. If used late at night, Dr. Haggar says it can impact the way the brain thinks about sleep.

Sanford Pediatrician Jennifer Haggar said, “They're interacting with media which young brains don't process the same way."

Like anything else in life, Haggar says cell phone use for a child is all about moderation and awareness.

Pediatricians say screen time should be less than two hours a day for all children, and kids younger than two shouldn't be exposed to a screen at all.

Dr. Haggar also recommends that when a child is using a phone, parents should set a timer for how long they use it, letting the child know that playing with the device is a privilege.

While Dr. Haggar says the decision of what age to give a child a phone is different for every family, she says it's important for the family to decide why they want the child to have a phone and if there is a specific need for it.

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