Are you sleeping with your phone? You might be surprised to find out how many people actually are.

According to a recent study, 44% of us sometimes or always sleep with our smartphone within reach.

Hey, we've got things we need to watch before bed, right? Maybe you play your best "Words with Friends" in the sack? Or you can't miss that all important text at 3 AM. There's always the logical reason, you actually use your phone as an alarm clock.

Whatever your reason you choose to snooze with your phone, experts say you shouldn't.

First of all, smartphones still are considered to be a possible health risk. Yeah, the general consensus is they're safe, because they only give off a very small amount of radiation. But in 2011, the World Health Organization listed smartphones as a possible carcinogen. Meaning they could cause cancer. Especially in kids, because their skulls are thinner.

Another great reason why you shouldn't, it messes with your sleep. The screens on cell phones and tablets give off something called "blue light", which has a wavelength similar to sunlight. Studies have found that blue light tricks your body into thinking it's daytime.

Finally, there's a chance your phone could set your bed on fire! A girl in Texas recently woke up to a burning smell, after she slid her smartphone under her pillow before going to sleep. Supposedly it ended up melting part of the pillow, burning her sheets, and scorching her mattress. It was determined that the generic replacement battery in her phone might have been the culprit which nearly caused the phone to start on fire.

Just some food for thought. Keep sleeping with your smartphone and it could end up being one of the dumbest things you ever do!


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