Ruff Start Rescue shared an update to their Facebook page Monday to say that Old Lady -- the St. Bernard foster dog who had run away Friday, January 4 -- was found after 17 days!

"We have had search parties, signs, phone calls, and so many people out looking for this poor girl. We only have several sightings in the 2.5 weeks. We remained hopeful. We hadn't had a sighting since this past Friday and the frigid temps the past few days have had us all distraught and up at night thinking about her." (sic)

Ruff Start was alerted to Old Lady's whereabouts when they received a phone call that she was "caught up" in the woods of someone's property.

When they arrived on the scene, they found Old Lady stuck, her leash snagged and caught in tree branches. With the help of non-profit The Retrievers, they were able to free the 10-year old St. Bernard and get her back to Ruff Start Rescue.

"She is in rough shape but we are hoping she will be ok. She's resting in the warmth now after getting some food and water and we will continue to monitor her and she will be seeing the vet yet today." (sic)

She may be an "old lady," but she's also a fighter!

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