A robber left a convenience store empty-handed, while the staff had a big mess to clean up.

A man in a Sioux Falls store near 9th and Kiwanis tried to grab several liquor bottles and run out the door on Sunday (April 7) around 7:00 PM. He was confronted by a clerk and a customer who tried to stop him. The robber physically attacked the two but dropped all of the liquor in the process, each bottle shattering as it hit the floor.

Police say the robber ran out of the store and drove away in a white vehicle. There was no other description of the suspect and police are welcoming any tips from the public.

If you have information that could help solve this or other crimes, you can report the information directly to Sioux Falls Police, or remain anonymous through Crime Stoppers of the Sioux Empire by calling 367-7007 or through their website.

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