Stir Fry is a pretty simple meal to make.  However, some nights you don't feel like cooking, and you just want to enjoy a meal out.

If you're looking for the best establishments to satisfy your stir fry cravings, you can find great restaurants right here in Sioux Falls.  But if you're looking to go on a little adventure, reviews from Tripadvisor say this Rapid City restaurant is the place to go for the best stir fry in the state.

Based on reviews from Tripadvisor and Best Things South Dakota, both websites agree that Mongolian Grill in Rapid City offers the best stir fry in South Dakota.

Tomas Rojas (Google Maps)
Tomas Rojas (Google Maps)

One review from Tripadvisor says the Mongolian Grill has "excellent stir fry."

The facilities are rather basic. It is a no-frills restaurant but the food is good and there will be no reason to go away hungry. The ingredients are fresh and there is a good variety to select from. Prices are reasonable and it takes only a short time to get the ingredients cooked.

Rapid City could be a little bit of a drive, so where can you find the best stir fry in Sioux Falls? There are 10 spots you just have to check out.

Thanks to reviews on Yelp, these establishments are the go-to places to visit if you're looking for great stir fry in Sioux Falls.

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